Waist Trainer Brace

Waist Trainer it is a bodice with the effect of the compression, which in turn shapes the figure and creates a "greenhouse effect" at the expense of the latex layer. Using it is very simple, but must be combined with the model, to ask for a belt of desired size.

To lose weight with the help of corset use the following instruction:

  1. Use the table of sizes to choose correctly the desired size. Do not take the product more or less, this is important. Measure the circumference of the waist is necessary at тугом position: by making a deep inspiration, and having dragged belly. Сантиметровая the tape must not enter the skin.
  2. After the receipt of the product, must be cleaned of the instruction and let it dry.
  3. Place pure corset, using the minimum pressure level. Take no more than an hour. Each day you can increase the time to half an hour.
  4. If in a week he feels comfortable in the waist, you can change the compression level.

To improve efficiency can lead Waist Trainer at the time of exercise at the gym. This will allow for more quick weight-loss in the abdomen.


Nutritionists recommend wearing a corset in the following cases:

  • In the daily life. Corset reduces the waist size of up to 10 cm, the emphasis is on the way, straightens the back and removes the deposits on the belly and sides.
  • After delivery. Thanks Waist Trainer you can recover more quickly, avoid discrepancies from the seams after the cesarean section, remove the belly and post-partum folds, to avoid the pain in the back for carrying your baby.
  • In the trainings. Order the product for the sport you can, if you want to reduce the risk of back injury, to ensure the acceleration of drying, reducing the need for nutrition.
Purple Waist Trainer will complement your style


Unlike many other means of weight loss, Waist Trainer you have few restrictions for their use. In the majority of them are related to injury or unusual condition of the organism. To apply the brace is not possible in the following cases:

  • pregnancy, and stop of pressure in the abdomen is necessary in small installments, otherwise there is the risk of fetal harm.
  • the recent operations in the area of the abdomen. If you have had a cesarean section, check with your doctor and not wear the corset of time (seams, without access of air may ignite).
  • large burns in the area to take the course.
  • diseases of the skin or other types of deformation of the skin.
  • diseases of the stomach, in which it can exert pressure (ulcers, some types of gastritis).

The results after the application of

The most effective will be the decision to buy Waist Trainer or order it through the internet as an addition to the main training program. But the results in the form of reduction of fat on the sides and the belly, in any case. Also you have correct posture and not обвисать the abdominal muscles.